Not sure what I’d doing – but doing it anyway


“There are always reasons not to do something – but just as many for doing.”

The first blog piece of my new blog (starting from scratch). Both are probably not good ideas and both surely crazy.

Here is my plan for my birthday run on Sunday October 30th. Kind of wrote so could be used by someone –so not in first person. Weird. Anyways here are my plans for my 41st birthday. God knows what I am thinking.


Noel Paine – a runner from Gatineau, Quebec who has been running for almost 30-years is celebrating his 41st birthday by getting out of the house for a long run. Noel plans to run the entire length of the 72km Prescott-Russell trail and then continue on straight back to the steps of his house if he can. He will be starting out in Rigaud, Quebec in the early hours of the morning and then will join the Prescott-Russell – trail in St-Eugene, Ontario. Last year to mark his milestone 40th birthday he ran 258km from Kingston to Ottawa along the Rideau Trail in 2.5 days – and with a friend helped raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society while they had fun on foot. Noel will be starting on Sunday October 30th in Rigaud, QC around 4am and running until he reaches Ottawa.


Information about the Prescott-Russell trailclick here.

Link to fundraising page: click here.

This is a personal run for Noel where he will contemplate life and the past year while pushing his body throughout the day. He is raising money for a good cause and raising awareness of a great hiking, running and biking trail in Ontario.


1) If cancer has touched you or your family – please feel to donate and help others.

2) If you want to help raise awareness of the Prescott-Russell – find Noel on Twitter and follow, retweet his tweets or come out and catch a photo of huis crazy run and share!

3) Grab your bike or walk and run out to the trail and give Noel a hug, shout or run with him for a few minutes.


Noel Paine is a communications professional, former Air Force Captain and life-time runner. He was born on the east coast and now lives in Gatineau with his wife and his daughter Morgane. Noel has been running since age 12 and has run everything from the 100m to 100km ultramarathons including a run in the Grand Canyon (rim2rim2rim). He blogs, tweets and tweets about his passion and has been an Ambassador for both the Ottawa Marathon and Ottawa’s Army Run.



Twitter: @NoelPaine

Instagram: @runningwriter

Personal blog: (launching a new one)

Canadian Running magazine blog:


RUN DETAILS AND ARRIVAL TIMES (ALL APPROX.) based on best and worst case pace)

START TIME:                                       4am – 4:15am    Rigaud, QC


Trail head in St-Eugene                  5:38am – 6:30am

Vankleek Hill Pavilion                     7:00am – 8:30am

Plantagenet Pavilion                       9:20am – 12:00pm

Bourget Pavilion                               10:40am – 2:00pm

Hammond Pavilion                          11:15pm – 2:40pm

Trail End (Ottawa)                            1:30pm – 6:30pm

Not sure how my ole wobbly body will hold up and thus have based arrival times on average pace of 5minutes/km to 7.5minutes/km. This will be a run for me and not a race.

Run long and run hard my running friends!




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