Tasty fuel for the road

“Running long can be fun, but its even better when you can fuel up with something tasty.”

This blog review is long overdue. I have come to a intersection in my running dad, 40-something life where things need a bit of a change. So for better or worse-smart move or not, I started a new blog.

This is the first review on my No Paine No Gain blog. Its on great, tasty Canadian fuel bars I tried this summer. The company is called Xact Nutrition.

Meeting the Xact crew at their Ottawa marathon booth in May 2016.

Xact Nutrition

I found the bars and the company online and via social media and had to find out more. Since the days of PowerBar, things (fuel) for running has gotten easier to eat and tastier. I also heard they used maple syrup for one…..hence being a Canadian I was intrigued.

But a little about the people and company behind the bars that were shipped out to me and that I devoured (without even any photographic evidence of the eating!).

Here is a condensed version of what you will find on their site (bio section). Two scientists,1 woman with chocolate bar experience, lots of enthusiasm and a desire to make tasty fuel!


The bars

I got what was called the Disco pack and got 3 small fruit bars and something with a Haida like whale logo on it and called ‘Pro Krunch’. If you don’t want to read further. All were REALLY TASTY!


Okay here is their line-up. There are two fruit bars (about size of mini-chocolate bar you get at Halloween) and regular sized thin wafer-based bar. The Endurance and Performance bars are soft candy-like bars with a sugary coating and super-easy to bite and chew.

Endurance (3 flavours: apricot, strawberry and orange)


  • 100 calories a bar
  • All natural, vegan ingredients, mainly made from fruit pulp
  • Stays soft, melts in your mouth
  • Small, compact size
  • Rapidly and easily absorbed
  • Does not freeze, even at -30 C
  • Tested from the Antarctic to the Kona desert… and of course all over Canada!

The ingredients are natural and they really taste like fruit and not too sweet.

Oh and did I mention the maple syrup bar? Yep there is a 4th option that is made with real maple syrup (did not get to test)(crying) but that is like the Endurance bars.

Performance (Black currant)


This bar is very much the same bar as the endurance but has a caffeine kick from guarana to give you a bit of a kick on the run. This was my favourite bar and flavour.

The third bar I liked the taste of (Pro Krunch)(Protein wafer bar) but I could have taken or left it. The fruit bars really impressed me. The third bar was very light and tasty (no chalky whey protein taste) and as far as protein bars…was GOOD and not hard to eat or TOO filling. Worth a shot too.

What I thought

Pretty obvious. I also try and be honest with my reviews and provide constructive feedback if warranted, but nothing to add here. Really enjoyed all the bars from Xact and plan on ordering some when I need really tasty fuel on the run. Sincere, genuine and passionate folks making unique products for athletes and runners. Worth checking out.

Get hold of Xact Nutrition via their website, Twitter or Instagram.


See you out there running friends!




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