A snapshot of your running in one run

“Running tools, apps and gadgets should be easy to use and enhance a run or your fun not make it more complicated.” – said the skinny running dad.

I have been running for almost 30-years…yep been saying that alot I know. Before I know it I will have been running for 30-years. Not yet. Anyway. This ole wobbly running dad has run alot and many distances from the 100m to ultramarathons (about me). I have a decent body for a runner (probably more suited to the mile/1500m) but no major abnormalities, leg length discrepancies etc. And???? But i have always wnated to get more easily understandable information about my running.

This is leading up to a review of a cool new piece of fun put out by Kinematix (actually launching today officially!) I am reviewing their cool little insole and shoe pods they call the Kinematix Tune.

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Kinematix Tune

Ok in a nutshell its a pair of thin insoles you slip under your current running shoe insole with an attached clip that slips onto side of shoe and holds a small chargeable pod. You charge the pods, twist and lock onto clip, lace up the shoes and pair via Bluetooth to a mobile app. Hit run on the app and away you go.

This running tool was developed by a team and it is evident they took their time and thought this out (About the team).


You get pace, distance, splits and plenty of metrics via GPS. Metrics? Sound complicated? On some foot pods I have used and reviewed the output is complicated and difficult to apply to training or to figure out what to do with. After one run with the Tune and I was quite surprised at the amount of information I got, how easily and clearly it was displayed and explained. Just enough information but not too much. I am a running geek but don’t like getting bogged down with to much technical graphs, numbers and calculations I will never apply to my training.


What you get (metrics) (a clickable siymbol on app with each metric gives explanation)

  • Gait cycle time (time spent on foot and time spent swinging leg) (Stance and Swing)
  • Steps, cadence and step length
  • Time in stance phase (foot on ground for each foot)
  • Stance dynamics (time spent pushing off with foot) for each foot
  • Heelstrike (%) for each foot

For those looking for graphs – you can view your metrics (choose what you want to see) over your run. Their website also has easy to understand information about running technique and metrics.

Oh and the app can also give you a fitness plan based on your runs and information after you get a few runs in—waiting to see how that works.

What I thought

I don’t always run with cell phone but taking it out for a run with me (holding in my hand) is not a big deal. It was worth it. The app and pods paired up quickly via Bluetooth and the GPS was quick and I was able to pause my run at intersections if I needed. I could also see my pace and distance like I would normally get off my Polar watch.

After my run I peered at my cell to look at the metrics. Super easy to read and go through and not confusing. Nothing earth shattering for me but did confirm something I suspected and felt too. Average turnover, decent stride length, good push off but due to a tilted pelvis I really was landing more on one leg and making more contact and was easy to see with heel strike.

I may not use this for every run but super cool tool to see how your form is and to use to potentially correct form and problems.

A big goofy thumbs up from this running dad.

Who would like?

I would recommend for runners who want to see what they are doing form-wise without too much unwanted information and for those like Pedorthists, Physiotherapists, coaches and others looking to help runners achieve their best.


The website says $200. Maybe expensive for some but may be a good investment for some runners. Heck you could even share and help others evaluate their form.

For those really interested and want to know more right away – the Kinematix Tune launches Thursday October 27th( the day I post this blog) and there is a FREE web event at 11am EST.

Find Kinematix on their website, Twitter

Life is short my friends – have fun, run long and run hard.



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