A great way to get what you need

“Training at any age can deplete and require you to fuel properly – add stress, age and fatherhood and seems to crank things up.”

Ok – back at the reviewing thing and back to some blogging. The past year for me has been a tough one in more than one way. I have had a hard time running and a hard time finding the time to blog. I enjoy both. I did however manage to mangle 2 marathons, drag my tired butt through two 5k races and ran 100km for my 41st birthday – so all in all could have been worse!

But enough about this ole skinny running dad. Time to chat about some products that got sent out to me late in the fall and that i am only talking about now. Enduropacks.


Its a company that has a line of products for endurance athletes. On their website they say their mission is to help athletes get more out of their training by providing them the daily essential nutrients they need to succeed. Their products are all-natural, vegetable-based vitamins and minerals. It is a line of stuff you can take daily to make sure your body gets what it needs.

They have 4 main products:

You can purchase individually or get a full 30-day supply of all of them. I got the paryt pack to try.


What I thought

I am always looking for ways to try and keep my body fueled and going. I tend to train hard when I train. The stress of fitting everything in during a day (life, work, running and daddy duties) can drain you. I currently am supported by MuscleMlk Canada and use energy chews and have a sports drink for training but sometimes that is not enough – meaning sometimes my diet is not as healthy or complete as it should be. Sometimes cramming a workout in at work or before or after means I do not always eat when I should or what I should.


So I jumped at chance to try out Enduropacks stuff. I now had my liquid multivitamins in the fridge, my bottles of capsules and my electrolyte spray at work.

  1. Electrolyte spray was easy to use – a few squirts in a bottle of water and I got my electrolytes. I liked the simplicity, the ingredients and the spray bottle. For the price it also seemed decent. downside is there is no taste and if used to something with flavour it just tastes like water. I think it worked though!
  2. Liquid multivitamin. Okay I admit I was apprehensive about this one because I thought it would taste horrible. The bottle says Wild Berry Flavour. Okay you won’t pour this on pancakes but the taste was okay. I liked and the vitamins absorb faster in liquid than in capsule delivery. Thumbs up on this one.
  3. Amino acids – I got the package at the end of my marathon training so did not have really enough time to thoroughly test the last 2 items. Research says both should help recovery. Can i say it helped – hard to say. For the price, getting all 4 together probably won’t hurt you and may just ensure you have the right vitamins and minerals, help replace lost electrolytes and potentially help you recover.
  4. L-Glutamine – see above. Decent price and may be worth checking out.

I hope to finish up my supply and hope they help me prepare for a few indoor races this winter.

Contact or find Enduropacks:

Website: https://www.enduropacks.com/

Twitter: @Enduropacks

Facebook: @EnduroPacks

Keep lacing up and getting out there my friends. We all have our own battles. Run long, run hard.


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