A Running Dad recommended Christmas

“As I am a running dad, my name is Noel and its the holiday season…..seems perfect as I am the Père Noël (Santa Claus in French) that I put together a running list of gifts!”

Here is a simple list of running gear and gift ideas for you or that crazy runner on your shopping list. I am trying to add things I have recently reviewed and liked and things from he past I have tried and think you might like!

A gift for your feet

HOKA ONE ONE  and Altra running shoes

a1634_orange  images

My feet over time have changed. I found a few years back my feet had gotten stronger and I weaned myself off orthotics and was also able to wear less shoe. My feet have now seemed to have changed since then and now require more care and more cushion than just 5-6 years ago. Once comfortable New Balance shoes press on my sore right joint and don’t offer the fit or cushion my feet now scream for. I like the New Balance company (widths and good customer service) but my feet now demand something else.

HOKA ONE ONE – I have now tried their big beefy ultra cushioned shoe (Clifton), the responsive (Clayton), the trail shoe (Challenger) and worn their lightweight race (Tracer) for a marathon. Uber light, good width and lots of cushion. check them out.

Twitter: @HOKAONEONE  Website: http://www.hokaoneone.com/

Altra – these shoes are shaped like your feet are shaped (weird to think 99% of shoes are not!) have good cushioning and have zero drop from heel to toe. My feet – especially my cranky running dad first joint on right foot love these shoes more and more. The zero drop takes some adjustment but really like. Different and worth a try!

Twitter: @AltraRunning Website: https://www.altrarunning.ca/



An amazing tool to strengthen the feet and lower leg. I have one and have tested. A review coming on this new blog! Great friendly guy behind the tool as well!

Twitter: @AFXOnline

Website: http://www.afx-online.com/



A great natural body/muscle rub for after workouts. Not strong like Tiger balm but nice scent and nice on skin. Worth checking out.

Twitter: @CrossFixe




Improve your running



An insole w a pod that clips to the side of your shoe that gives you easy to understand running metrics to help you improve. My review. Really like.

Website: http://www.kinematix.pt/ 

Twitter: @Kinematix


Polar running watches

I currently have the Polar M400 and have used and tested the Polar Loop, Polar V800 and hope to test the Polar M200 soon.

Time, alarms, activity, calories, cadence, pace, distance, time, elevation, V02max test and more. Good products and great customer service.

Website: https://www.polar.com/ca-en

Twitter: @PolarGlobal


Mile2Marathon coaching

If you need some expert guidance – then get it from two elite Canadians! Dylan Wykes and Rob Watson give personalized training to help you achieve your goals. Great guys

Twitter: @Mile2Marathon

Website: http://mile2marathon.com/


Sit back and get motivated


The Power of One Step

Twitter: @powerofonestep

Website: https://kelliemcnabb.com/

This is a great read for long winter days. The real story of a someone struggling with life and relationships who finds a running based goal and begins a journey.







The Full Tilt Boogie

If you are looking for a different read this is it. Running and burro racing and dealing with an autistic son all wrapped up under a cover. Worth finding.

I have read and reviewed but will have to do another review for my new blog!

Twitter (author): @outtherehal

Website: http://luckythreeranch.com/hal-walter/




Fuel the running

MuscleMlk and Cytomax


Muscle Mlk Canada has supported me in this tough year of training and their protein powder, their energy gels, carbs for loading and fuel for during my runs has been a life saver. Great products that can keep you fueled to run.

Twitter: @MuscleMLKCAN


Website: http://www.musclemlk.ca/en/



Multivitamins, electrolytes and stuff to fuel up and help you recover from running that you can order online. Natural, good quality and made for endurance athletes. My review.

Twitter: @Enduropacks

Website: https://www.enduropacks.com/




Super tasty fuel options from a Canadian company who also have a passion for running! My review.

Twitter: @xactnutrition

Website: https://www.xactnutrition.com

Get through winter running



If you have ice and snow during your winters then you need to check out this simple and inexpensive solution to slipping and falling. Take a pair of shoes you can set aside for slippery days and screw in these babies. I use them!

Twitter: @Ice_Spike

Website: http://blog.icespike.com/


Revols wireless earbuds

I have ye to try these but have tried wireless earbuds and they are great. A Canadian company based in Montreal – these are worth checking out. Maybe they can get rid of the wire completely!

Great to break up cold, dark, winter runs.

Twitter: @Revolsound

Website: https://www.revols.com/

Maybe something to save up for


JogAlong stroller

As a new running dad with much less time to train and with a desire to also spend time with my daughter – love the innovations in running strollers. This is a new stroller I found out about. Hope to test one day.  Arms move like an elliptical with different grip options.

Twitter: @JogAlongStrollr

Website: http://jogalong.com/


Zero Runner (Octane Fitness)

A bit pricey, but all my years of running this is the best looking piece of equipment that mimics running and that might fit in your living room and you could afford if you saved a bit.

Twitter: @octanefitness

Website: http://www.octanefitness.com/



Happy holidays to you, your family and friends from this skinny running dad!

Life is short my friends, have fun, run long and run hard.




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