Tearing things off for a review!

“I have felt torn apart during a run, torn off more than I could chew and torn up some pavement when feeling good but never torn my running gear apart on a run – until now.”

Ever been on a run and you wore a long sleeve but it either warmed up or you did—-and now you could use a short sleeve? I think I found the solution – or rather Tearadactyl Athletic did.

What is it?

The Teardactyl shirt is a breathable long sleeve running shirt that has arms that can be zipped off when you no longer need them.

Click the image to see the Youtube video

What the shirt offers

  • Slightly form fitting design (not square cut)
  • Small logo on front – brand name on upper back
  • Material is smooth, comfortable feeling and grey
  • Not super lightweight material – more mid-weight
  • Hole at the neck to lace through a wire for earphones/buds
  • Arms that zipper off (quality black zipper)
  • Zipper covered when unzipped to avoid any chafing/contact with skin
  • Zipped pocket on the left
  • 2 triangular back pockets at sides with mesh (could stash sleeves)
  • Thumb holes (love this) at end of sleeves

img_features_215x260  img_story_215x260


Main portion of shirt:


  • 82-90% polysester
  • 10-18% spandex

The shirt is made in the US and based out of Chicago.

Sizes: Women S-L and Men S-XL.

What I thought

I put the shirt on in the house, unzipped the arms – I then took it to work and did a few runs with it. Unfortunately I live in Canada and it was too cold to unzip on the run. I did however test the fabric, breath-ability, comfort and all its bits and pieces. I also used at home and unzipped.

Like the feel of the shirt but is not a super lightweight garment (not insulated but not a hot summer day shirt). Heavy stitching (quality) on seams but no itching or rubbing on inside on my skinny running dad self.

In my opinion this is a shirt for spring and fall or for summer mornings when it starts off cold. The arms zip off pretty easy and the pockets at the back make it easy to stash sleeves and they don’t move around too much (picture a bike jersey). This is a super well thought out piece of running clothing.

If I had any recommendations it would be to have a slightly lighter weight version and maybe make the logo or some spots on shirt reflective for early or late day runs (visibility).

You may not wear this every day but a cool piece of running gear to have at your disposal.

Tearadactyl website: http://www.tearadactylathletic.com/

On Twitter: @Tearadactylrun


Run long, run hard my running friends!

*Not a hunter or a climber but bumped into this blogger (@ASmartLad) who does have a very well put together blog about hunting and climbing and some other gear. If into either one – check out on his blog.



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