Holy Manuka!

“You could just ingest pure electrolytes and fuel for you training – bland but effective – but what fun would that be?”

This blog is about a gel company I found through my Twitter friends. I love honey and am always on the prowl for good-tasting run fuel. I have tried flavours that have sounded good like peanut butter and maple bacon and sometimes have been disappointed (the bacon one tasted like sweet, greasy burnt bacon)(BIG Yuck).

So I stumbled across this honey-based fuel from New Zealand. Manuka honey is a honey produced in Australia and New Zealand from the nectar of the manuka tree. The honey is commonly sold as an alternative medicine.

Manuka Sport (Bee-Fit) Energy gel

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The Manuka website says that Manuka honey is a natural unprocessed sugar-fructose and glucose- that directly enters the blood stream and delivers a quick punch of energy.


It is all natural and has no banned substances (good) and the reason they chose honey can be explained from an excerpt from their website:

“The increased levels of carbohydrates in honey make it a clinically proven option as a 100% natural source of energy. The body absorbs the Glucose in honey quickly, releasing an instant energy boost. The Fructose in the honey is absorbed by the body slowly, offering a controlled energy delivery.

Honey has also been clinically tested to sustain blood sugar levels for a much longer period than other forms of refined sugar and carbohydrate snacks, which mean it is suitable for most athletes.”

Research about benefit of honey:




What I thought

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I took the gel samples sent to me and lined them up for testing on some runs. Although coming back from some downtime (after an October marathon and 100k run) I figured I could test on some runs home from work.

The gel package is a little longer than many I have had before and feels less gel-like (gooey and solid) in the package. Grabbed on the run, bit off the end and squeezed some into my mouth on the go. The one I had was citrus flavour.

  • Was easy to get into mouth
  • Less gel than gently, sweet, honey-based liquid
  • Mildly citurs and I liked
  • No powerful kick like maple syrup or pure honey
  • Felt I was fueled and no stomach issues

This is a running fuel worth checking out and I hope to get hold of some more.

Find Manuka on their website: http://www.manukasport.com/

On Twitter: @ManukaSport

Run long and run hard my running friends! Have fun out there!


If you have some feedback, or something to review – love to hear from you!


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