Stripped down to what you need

“Sometimes you don not need ALL the bells and whistles weighing you down – just what you need.”

Before the review – a few words from the author.

Runningdad update

So seems like I have been doing a few blog reviews lately – yep…gotten a little behind and sometimes life has gotten in the way of blogging (as it should). So here is another but before I do start jabbering away about the Polar M200)

Quick update in case you care. I am about 10lbs heavy after a month of no to little running after my October marathon and 100k (for my birthday)(Check out blog story)

I hope to work on strengthening the ole wobbly running dad legs and getting enough speed to run a few indoor 1500m indoor track race this winter. Wish me luck. Ok – the review.


The Polar M200

This watch has all the basic watch options (alarm etc) and most of what the slightly more expensive Polar watches. (M200 is $189 and M400 is $249)

It has the basic watch options, tracks activity (calories and steps), tracks your runs (history) and gives you distance, pace and time during your run and gives you HR.

Full features listed here.

Pair the watch up with Polar Flow for the laptop or the app for your phone. You can track activity and your training.

So if its stripped down – what is missing?

  • Watches like M400 have more screen viewing options buut has different ones
  • M200 does not capture cadence
  • M200 does not do a V02max test


What I thought

I have had the Polar M400, V800, Polar loop and the Polar RC3 and have liked them all. Each had its own style and slightly different options. The M200 I really quite like – it has just what I need. There are only 2 buttons, I don’t get lost in the functions and options and it picks up a GPS signal pretty darn quick —and I can get a fairly accurate HR without using a strap (small sensor on the back of the watch). What is not to love?

It took me a minute or so to figure out the right way to charge the watch (you can even take the entire strap(comes in different colour options as well for about $30 each) off the main watch body to get a better connection. The display is fairly simple and have seen fancier but works fine.

So would I choose this over the M400? I am torn. If I was on a budget I would pick the M200 (that does not have fun V02max test, does not capture cadence and has a different charger cable than my phone) that has all I really need and has HR.


Polar M200 is $189 and comes in red and black – other colour wristbands can be ordered.

Find Polar Canada online (

Twitter: @PolarGlobal

Remember to have fun out there running friends! Run on.


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