Run to Quit

 “We all have our own challenges and hurdles in life and running.” – Noel Paine

I am back to running and talking about running and it is helping me overcome my life troubles and pull me from the couch of depression. I recently connected with another running enthusiast  (Christine Blanchette) who also loves promoting those who do good through running. Christine told me about Run To Quit, a program that helps those who smoke quit – with the help of running.

Here is a great piece about one of the runners/quitters and a short chat with someone from the program.

Participant Louise Wager Finally Breaks “Lifetime” Habit

Meet 55-year-old Louise Wager of Chilliwack, British Columbia, who traded in her pack-a-day smoking habit for a pair of running shoes. It all started when the agricultural industry plant manager took part in an employee wellness initiative. Soon after, Louise started exercising and eating healthier. The end result was that she lost 55 lbs, which inspired her to take the next step to butt out. Subsequently in 2016, she decided to join the Run to Quit’s virtual training program.  Since then, Louise hasn’t looked back while continuing to follow a smoke-free lifestyle. As a graduate of the Run to Quit program, she is a testimonial to those who want to break the habit and are thinking they can’t, or too scared to even try.

Run to Quit successfully helped Louise overcome her quit smoking fear. “My biggest concern with quitting smoking was that it would make me frantic and emotionally out of control. Run to Quit helped me stay focused and the running helped me overcome my cravings and emotions,” says Louise.

Louise had once thought of herself as someone who would never stop smoking, yet now she looks forward to her non-smoking years beginning to add up.

“My Run to Quit virtual training coach would send me weekly readings about running and quitting smoking,” Louise said, adding, “I would sit down at the start of each week and create a weekly plan. If I had any questions, I would shoot off an email and my coach would get back to me quickly. His support and my quit plan was essential to me quitting smoking.”

Louise quit smoking on April 4th, 2016, completed a 5 km run, and is now training for a half marathon.


Run to Quit Q&A with Lyz Gilgunn from the program Run to Quit (RTQ)

Q: Tell us about RTQ?

A: Run to Quit is an effective tobacco cessation program that pairs the quit smoking expertise of the Canadian Cancer Society with the Running Room’s Learn to Walk or Run 5 km clinics. Participants are supported by a Quit Coach through a gradual 10-week Learn-to-Run clinic in combination with evidence-based smoking cessation strategies. An added bonus is the chance to win cash prizes for participants who quit smoking!

Run to Quit is offered online so that you can do it from anywhere, as well as in select Running Room locations across Canada. More information, including how to register, can be found on the website at Run to Quit is a partnership between the Canadian Cancer Society and the Running Room Canada with partial funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada. Run to Quit is also being evaluated by researchers at the University of British Columbia as a potential chronic disease prevention program.

Q: Who is the program for and how are you getting the word out?

A: The program is for anyone who wants to quit smoking. People with any level of physical fitness are able to participate and you don’t have to be a runner! The Running Room clinics have proven successful even with non and never before runners. Non-smokers are also encouraged to join as a Quit Buddy to support friends or family who are trying to quit smoking.

Q: What has the feedback been like and how important is it to have this program in Canada?

A: Run to Quit is important since it addresses two risk factors for poor health: smoking and physical inactivity. Exercise can help reduce tobacco cravings, manage withdrawal symptoms and inspires people to be healthier. I’d like to share Louise’s story with you as she participated last year with resounding success.

Run to Quit website:

Run to Quite on Twitter: @RuntoQuit





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