Lighting the way during Winter Runs

“Running is much easier if you can see where you are going.”

I love to run and I run right through the Canadian winter months. I have icespikes for my shoes for slippery days and warm gear to ward off the chill of cold days. But I have not had many great options for lighting up the dark during early morning and evening runs. I have put lights on my backpack but wanted to check out some other options to help me see where I am going and to be seen.

I got hold of Panther Vision and Princeton Tec and they send me some products they recommended for runners to help light up the running path.

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Panther Vision tuque and running hat

This is an amazing idea that I have not seen anywhere else. Lights in the hat! I found Panther Vision and was pumped to test them out. The company (Panther Vision) makes a number of LED items but they have a running category (running caps) and a tuque that work super well for lighting up a sidewalk!


The running cap (for a warmer season than winter) has lights embedded (42 lumens) in the underside of the visor with a button you can press to turn them on. Super well done and you don not notice them and felt no real extra weight. $29.99 US Check it out.

The tuque (that can be used for winter runs) is a thick soft warm breathable fleece that hides a battery and lights around the rim. You don not feel any of it while wearing and is quite warm and good size (almost too big for me – who has no hair). $24.99 US Check it out.

What I thought. Both the cap and tuque were comfortable and once I knew where to press to turn on the lights – super easy to use. The lights are angled perfectly and light up the space where you are looking on a dark run. both tuque and hat are good to light up just enough sidewalk, trail etc. for a run but not SUPER bright – so I would not use for a trail run or when you might be really worried about whats underfoot. Winter or any season night-time running – perfect!

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Princeton Tec Vizz LED Headlamp

Okay – now we have a light with a bit more power for those who are running in pitch black or really need to see what ahead. This Princeton Tec headlamp has 205 lumens (Bright!) and is called the Vizz. They tell me they have more expensive brighter models —but this is pretty good!


Specs on the headlamp
POWER 205 Lumens
LAMP Maxbright LED, Ultrabright White LED, Ultrabright Red LED
BURN TIME 150 Hours
BATTERIES 3 AAA Alkaline or Lithium
WEIGHT 92 Grams


The band is comfortable and there is not much weight. The lamp can be adjusted (angle) to point where you need and has red LED lights and 2 normal LED settings (low and bright). Once you figure out how many times to press the button at the top of the map for what light its pretty easy. The headlamp with light angled to see where you are running does wobble a bit (I tried running and snowshoeing) but not enough to be annoying. The Vizz retails for around $50 US. Check it out.

Both the Panther Vision and Princeton Tec have some cool options for runners – check pick what would best suit you and your running.

Stay safe out there running friends and if you need help seeing where you are going – try out on the of the products I just reviewed!

See you out there!

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