Chatting with Dean Karnazes

“Every runner has a story, a reason to run and their own personal struggles and victories.”

What do I love almost as much as running? I love meeting other runners and hearing their stories and sharing them with others. Sometimes its a young runner discovering the joy of flying over the ground for the first time. Sometimes its the Olympian, the record setters, other times its the middle of the pack runner with an inspirational journey to share. Today it is a continuation of a chat I had the privilege of having with the amazing Dean Karnazes.

I did a short profile piece on Dean for my Canadian Running magazine blog but this is more and more about his recent book. I think we both share a love of long distance adventures and sharing through words.

Why is he amazing… is a highlight:


The Book: The Road to Sparta – reliving the ancient battle and epic run that inspired the world’s greatest footrace. 

I really liked this book because it is a mix of autobiography, running history lesson and a running adventure story. It is easy to read and got me hooked early into it. Dean flips back and forth from his story and the myth and reality of the story behind the marathon and it winds around his own running adventures and life. There are a few black and white photos spread throughout to aid the mind in imagining what you read.

I could talk about some of the stories, Dean’s connection to Greece—but I won’t. Go get the book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who runs, whether you have run a marathon or beyond. It is a good book, inspires and informs and will stay on my bookshelf.

$29.99 Canadian -289 pages

Here are more questions I got to ask Dean – enjoy.

Any advice to someone thinking of going beyond the marathon?

“Start with a 50K race and have no other plan than to finish. Don’t worry so much about your time; just make it to the finish line. After the race analyze how you felt and whether you could have gone further or faster. It’s a good barometer of your ability to run beyond a marathon.”

What do you hope people take away from your book after reading?

“People tell me my books inspire and motivate them. They enjoy the stories and the adventures, but the biggest takeaway is that they feel empowered to do more in their lives. As an author my main goal has always been to enliven people to be the best that they can be and live life to the fullest.”

What do you get from sharing your running stories and adventures?

“At heart, I’m an entertainer. In my years of running and globetrotting I’ve had so many unique and unusual encounters, some strangely bizarre ones, too! Telling these colorful stories provide a form of entertainment and escapism for others, it takes them to a faraway place beyond the ordinary.”

Which do you find harder, running or writing?

“They are both equally impossible to fully master. I think that’s what draws me to both writing and running. No matter how hard I try, I never have the perfect race. And no matter how far my writing has progressed, it still has room for improvement.”

Dean once again is on another running adventure that will take him around the world – connect with him to find out.

Dean’s book, The Road to Sparta – can be found online and probably in your local book store.


You can find more about Dean on his website.

You can chat and follow Dean on Twitter: @DeanKarnazes


Run on  my running friends! Feel free to connect with me on Twitter @NoelPaine


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