Talking with another Running Dad

Love talking with other runners – and now its great to meet other running dads!
I am all over social media (mainly Twitter) and meet a lot of great runners. I like chatting and profiling a few now and then – everyone has a story to tell. Once in a while I get asked to share….like when I bumped into Denny and he invited me to be on his podcast DizRuns.
Meet the runner behind the microphone.
Denny Krahe
This American runner, dad and podcaster grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan and later moved to Florida for college and pretty much stayed there after. Denny this May will have been married for 11-years and like myself has a young 2 year-old daughter who he says keeps him on his toes.
Denny’s real job is as a podcast host and running coach. He went to school to become an Athletic Trainer and worked as one for 10 years but took a risk and started his own business as a personal trainer. He now has a few face to face clients but is now focusing his efforts online to reach many more people and athletes.
And Denny was not always a runner: “I used to hate running. And I mean HATE! I grew up playing a variety of team sports, and running was always something you either did to get in shape for the season or as a punishment for screwing up at some point. I joked with my friends in high school that ran track that their sport was the worst possible sport in the world.”
But something about running drew him back and he continued to try running. Working as a personal trainer at Middle Tennessee University with the track and cross country team he was drawn into running again. He started getting some miles in, and not long after actually stated enjoying lacing up and pounding the road. In 2010 he ran his first marathon (Walt Disney World) – and as many do, swore to never do another, then ran the same race the next year! He was hooked.


Dennny’s running

5k: 19:54
10k: 44:58
13.1: 1:45:04
26.2: 4:08:34
Ultra: Successfully ran his first last week (March 2017)!
A chat with DizRuns: Listen to Denny’s podcast chat with this skinny running dad!
So why did you start your running podcast?
“I started my running show after doing a solo podcast for about 4 months in the health and fitness niche. I was enjoying podcasting, but doing a 20+ minute solo show was A LOT of work! I, naively, thought that doing a show with interviews would be much less work and I was really getting into my running and the online running community at the time, so it seemed like a natural fit that my new show would be running based. I started reaching out to runners on Twitter, and got to work.”
“The thing I enjoy most is connecting with other runners, both those that are on the show and those that I’ve built a relationship with online because they listen to the show. I’m not naturally the most talkative person, but there is something about connecting with folks that share a passion with me that makes all of my hesitancy to carry on a conversation go right out the window. While I’m running with someone, I feel like I could talk to them all day. Doing the podcast allows me to do that with people from around the world, which is pretty cool.”
What was the funniest interview you have done?
“The most fun interview, eh? That’s such a loaded question! I’ve probably had close to 250 interviews on the show now, so picking out one, or even ten, is next to impossible. There have been a handful, and I can’t remember the folks off the top of my head, where I went into the interview without knowing much about the person at all beyond what information was in their twitter profile. No website to glean from. Google didn’t help. And in each of those cases, once we get going the conversation takes on a life of it’s own and that is always really cool to see happen.”
“There have also been some fun ones where the conversation goes so far off the rails that I’m sure no one made it to the finish of the episode! Amy Marxhors and I talked about hockey and the 7 game series back in the 90s when my Red Wings beat her Blues when Steve Yzerman scored in double overtime on a shot from just outside the blue line. When I talked to Amelia Boone, we went off on a tangent about some different aspects of WWE and Wrestlemania.”
“I think I just love the fact that I don’t know where the conversations will always go, and it’s fun to just let the show play out over the course of 45 minutes or so whether I’m talking to an Olympian or someone that is brand new to the sport.”
Do you have a list of runners you’d like to have on your show?
“I really don’t have a big list of people I’d love to have on the show. I kind of take it as it comes, and I love talking with “regular” runners as much as I enjoy talking with elites or celebs.”
“That said, when I started the show I said I’d really like to talk to the two Peters: Shankman and Sagal. I had the chance to talk with Peter Shankman awhile back which was fun, but Peter Sagal has avoided me to this point. But someday, I’d like to talk with him.”
What are your running goals for 2017? 
“This year I’ll be running my first ultra, which I’m somewhat surprised how excited I am for that experience. I’d also love to break 4 hours in the marathon, though I currently don’t have any marathons I’m signed up for. I want to speak at 3-5 races, so I’m trying to keep my race schedule open so I’m flexible regarding speaking opportunities. And as a coach, I have a goal of 25+ PRs for my runners.”
“My other big goal is to simply stay healthy. I’ve got a pretty good streak of no major injuries going, and I’m really dedicating myself this year to cross training as a way to improve my fitness while simultaneously helping to reduce the risk of injuries. So far so good on that front!”
I loved chatting with Denny on his show and loved chance to profile him. Meeting other runners and connecting is something I really enjoy. Check out Denny and his podcasts and tell him Noel sent ya!
Find Denny on Twitter @DizRuns
Find him on his webpage:
Catch the podcast on his website or on iTunes
Run on friends!

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