The Boston Marathon Movie

I love running and writing but sometimes its fun to let others lift up the pen and talk running. Here is a guest blog post by passionate runner Christine Blanchette.

Jon Dunham is an award-winning filmmaker and a 25-time marathon finisher. Dunham is known for his Spirit of the Marathon film that premiered at the 2007 Chicago International Film Festival. The film won the coveted Audience Award. And in 2013, the Spirit of the Marathon II was released.

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In our Q&A interview Dunham talks about his latest film, BOSTON. The film is the first-ever feature length documentary about the Boston Marathon, which is regarded by many as the world’s most prestigious road race.

14) JonDunhamMattDamon Photo Credit Photo Harrison Marks
John Dunham with Matt Damon.

The film celebrates the rich history of the Boston Marathon from its origins in 1897 to present day, including the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.


Q: What inspired you to produce the film BOSTON?

A: Ultimately what inspired me to make BOSTON was my own personal experiences with the marathon.  As a runner, I’ve always had a huge appreciation for the Boston Marathon and its history and for many years I’ve wanted to make this film.

Q: Is it the first feature length film about the iconic Boston Marathon?

A. BOSTON is indeed the first feature length film ever to be made about the Boston Marathon.  It has been a great honor to tell this story.

Q: How is film different from other films you have produced?

A: One of the biggest differences between BOSTON and both of the Spirit of the Marathon films, which preceded it, is that in BOSTON the race itself is really the story.  There are of course many people we meet along the way but the Boston Marathon and its long rich history takes center stage.

Q: When will it premiere?

A: The world premiere will be in Boston on April 15, 2017 – two days before the 121st running of the Boston Marathon.

Q: What demographic is your main target as movie-goers for Boston?

A: While BOSTON is obviously a film for runners, it’s also a film for general audiences.  It’s a story about overcoming and doing our best no matter what the challenges are that we’re faced with.

Q: What do you expect people to get from the film?

A: I hope that people really enjoy learning about the history of the Boston Marathon and are inspired to get out and run or do something physical and challenge themselves.

Q: Who is in the film?

A. BOSTON stars the who’s who of marathon running legends from icons like Bill Rodgers and Joan Benoit Samuelson to international superstars such as Rosa Mota and Rob de Castella.  Of course there are also those, who have helped shape the course of the Boston Marathon’s history like Kathrine Switzer and race director Dave McGillivray.
There are a lot of exciting aspects to BOSTON.  Most recently we have just finished recording the incredible original film score by composer Jeff Beal (House of Cards).  The recording was done in Symphony Hall in Boston with the world famous Boston Symphony Orchestra.  We’ve also just announced Academy Award-winner Matt Damon as the film’s narrator.  

Noel: I ran the Boston marathon in 2011 and it was an amazing experience. The race, the town and the energy on the day was amazing. Thanks Christine for the blog and Q&A and thanks John for making this film.

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