Something to help your nose when its running!

“We have all (runners) had to use a sleeve, glove or something else on a run to deal with a runny nose – here is something to avoid snotty sleeves and scratches.”

Okay – so its not a solution for the runny nose – but I recently found a cool Canadian product (made in New Brunswick). The idea was thought up by a Twitter running friend. I liked the idea of what he had come up with and had to share!


Yanky Hanky

What it is, is a soft synthetic, re-usable  cloth on a retractable cord to wipe your nose with on the go. The uber soft material comes in various colours and designs and is about the size of a kleenex. The cloth is attached by a think cord to a key-chain sized clip that can fasten to a waist band of shorts, tights or even attach to a running bag.

You tuck the cloth in somewhere and when your nose runs, you grab, wipe and replace.

The idea came to Ryan Jacobson when he was out training for the 2011 Chicago Marathon. He wanted a way to deal with sweat and a persistent runny nose. He researched and went through many prototypes before coming up with what he has now.

“More refined than your sleeve. More absorbent than your hand.” – Ryan Jacobson

Here is me talking about the product on Twitter.

Click here for the video

What did I think?

I grabbed the Yanky hanky and headed out for a few winter runs. I had the thing clipped on the seam of my running tights and the cloth tucked in. When my nose started to run I grabbed at the cloth and wiped my nose. Simple. The cloth moved easily on the cord (like a cord for an identity pass) and was easy to replace. I did not drop the cloth but would not have lost it if I did. Easier than wiping nose on glove or sleeve — nope, Softer, yep.


I have been running for nearly 30-years and have rubbed my nose raw, scraped it and have blown numerous snot rockets on the run. This new product is simple, soft and works well. My nose liked it. This something that if you have a spot to clip on or stuff in a running bag will come in handy. Synthetic shirts are not necessary for running – but sure are better than a cotton one – same with Yanky hanky…just improves the run experience…and I like that!


Find Yank Sports on Face Book or on Twitter @YankySports

Call and get them to ship you out one! ((506) 478-8072)

Run on friends!


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