Struggling but stumbling forward

“Like a run you are not sure you wanted to start, you need to keep going and finish it.”

Hey all, its the running dad here. The almost 42-year old skinny running guy from Canada who is now 6-months into life as a single dad. The shift now is not only to being a dad but being a single dad – sharing parent duties part-time and figuring out what to do with myself. With no family around and a small number of friends (live ones I do things with)…its tough.

But – the support from social media running friends and those around me keeps pulling me out of the dark hole of depression.  Writing and sharing my struggle online I hope helps other dads (and moms). You are not alone. Its ok to struggle. I do. I still question why I am here, what to do with myself and battle loneliness. I love my daughter and she makes me smile…but sometimes that feels like it is not enough. I am not a natural dad but I am one.

Advice to new or to be running dads

Get ready to shut down the running for a bit and to focus on your family. Think you know what is coming – think again. A little one is cute and you will love your daughter or son but the changes they bring will change your life forever and may have you struggling. Some of us adapt – others like myself still have trouble adapting.

  • Buy a running stroller
  • Find a baby sitter
  • Run when you can and enjoy every drop
  • Run and don’t worry about races
  • Think about fitting in runs at lunch
  • Think about run commuting
  • Talk to your partner about running and what it means to you
    • make sure they will not envy or be angry with you for being away from family
    • fit the runs in at times that will be less disruptive
  • Deep breathe
  • Find other parents to talk to

Keep running and moving forward my friends. I am out there with you.



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