Gluten-free protein fuel – A review

“Training is just an act of beating up your body and muscle if you do not fuel it and put the right things back into it after.” – Noel Paine

A Runningdad review of the new Powerbar gluten-free protein bars. Yep – two boxes of protein bars showed up for this skinny single running dad to test out. I am fortunate not to have any problems with gluten and will eat almost anything but was interested to taste these gluten-free bars.


I have had a few gluten-free products over the past few years that have been less than tasty but have had a few where I was surprised. I was intrigued to test these high protein, low-sugar, gluten free bars.

What they are

I got two boxes of bars, 2 flavours, lemon poppy see and creamy chocolate peanut butter. Sounded like yummy flavours. So what kind of bars are they? The bars Powerbar Canada sent me were ProteinPlus bars that are perfect for post-workout/run refueling of the body after beating it up.


I have put pictures here in the blog about the nutritional facts and ingredients for the bars. They will help you decide about whether these bars have the type of stuff and amounts of protein etc. you want to put into your body (we all have different concerns, requirements and beliefs).


One thing I did pick up on reading over the ingredients etc. was the inclusion of palm oil and sucralose which raise certain concerns for certain people.

What I thought

The bars are well-packaged and super easy to open. So how do they taste you scream? I liked the taste of both bars and ate a good quantity of both to make sure. I ate the bars as a snack, after a workout and after runs to test. I threw the bars in with my lunch, into a backpack and into a trail running bag during a trail run. The lemon poppy seed has nice taste without being overpowering and chocolate peanut butter is neither too chocolaty or too strong a PB taste. I liked. Best tasting bar ever? Nope…but I liked a lot and was super easy to eat an no stomach issues after eating. Both bars also did not taste like some other protein bars I have had – they were better.

  • Easy to open
  • Tasty
  • Nice consistency and easy to chew
  • Do not feel overly full after

Both bars are softer than some other protein bars and may want to be careful packing away but had no real issues.

Notice Powerbar as part of trail run fuel!

If you are gluten intolerant or avoid and have no issues with other ingredients in these bars – effeminately worth checking out!

My only feedback to PowerBar would be that I would love to see more natural ingredients in the bar and avoid palm and sucralose somehow. Thansk to company folks for trusting me to do an honest review!

PS did you know PowerBar was started by a Canadian marathoner! Read about Brain Maxwell.

Powerbar website

Find PowerBar on Twitter @PowerBarCanada


Run on my friends -stay positive and have fun!


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