Real fuel for the trails

“Each one of us is different – different feet, stomachs and taste preferences and now it seems there is a fueling option for everyone!”

Okay a review about some unique running fuel.

Here is how I stumbled across it.

The story

A while back I was home nursing a cold and was sitting in bed just contemplating getting up to get something to eat. I flipped over my cell phone and flipped through messages and then social media updates. I noticed some tweets about a young native runner running to raise awareness about Canadian murdered and missing aboriginal women. I looked up some more information and realized he (Theland Kicknosway) had started his run that morning and would pass not far from where I lived.

17884336_10158583609840370_4099611638039851251_n 17903928_10158583610875370_6504944339470273817_n

Photos above of me and Thealand and his mom (Momanger).

I scratched at my stubbly face, yawned, grabbed a banana and some running gear and headed out to my car. I figured I could sleep and rest after finding and running with this young man for a few minutes to show my support.

EnduroforceFlint-ENI ran with Thealand and a huge supporter and fellow ultra runner called Flint (François Flint Bourdeau Clemens) – we chatted and he later sent me some new endurance athlete fuel…..hence this blog!

I wish I had enough time to talk about Thealand and the run but I will save that for another upcoming blog – maybe I will reach out to Thealand to do a profile of him.

Okay the fuel (Maskorima)….

Mas Korima

The primary nutrition focus of Mas Korima products is based on Pinole (Heritage quality maize that has been roasted and ground), and a true “super-food”, Chia. Both have been fueling some of the world’s greatest endurance athletes for generations. We use only natural ingredients; no chemical weird stuff, and no funky processing. Heck, some of our Pinole processing begins with a fire, a matate (a stone used to grind the corn), and the hands-on labor of grinding and cooking from someone who cares.  (From website)

All the ingredients sound perfectly suited for endurance athletes and you can read more about on their website (link).



This is a drink mix made from the same ingredients basically as the small packets of on the go running fuel you see above. The drink mix adds another ingredient called omnimin which is a dried sea mineral concentrate from Utah’s great Salt Lake that provides magnesium sodium and potassium. When you open the container it looks like finely ground dirt (its brown). I found the plastic scoop and follows instructions and added to water – and added a bit of honey. Sip sip.

I drank the mixture right away and also let it sit a bit to try out.


Check out how the drink mix compares to others out there (link).


These are small plastic packages of about 4 (loonie-sized) centimeter thick brown biscuits. The package was easy to open with my teeth and I quickly took a bite out of one. The biscuit is not too hard or soft and is what one might imagine a cormeal cookie might be like. It tastes good without having too much taste.1 package provides 100 calories. They are quite dry and on a few runs I really needed to wash down with water.


What did I think?

The biscuits (Korimalitas) I found tasty and felt more like real food that gels and chews. They are easy to eat on the run or when stopping a second but can feel really dry when its hot and your mouth is dry. make sure to have water or fluids handy. Good taste, no aftertaste and my stomach had no issues with. Thumbs up.

Th drink mix I think I need to experiment with some more and see if I can get used to. When I am hot and tired on a run – I appreciate something that fuels me and has electrolytes etc. – but that also tastes good.

I like both of these products as they aim to try be as natural as possible and are real food! I do not think everyone will like these but they should be tried!

Thanks to Flint for introducing me to this stuff and will continue to try out on my trail runs!

Find them on Twiter @Maskorima

Find them on their website:


Run long, run hard my friends!


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