Reviewing a runningdad running book

“Written words are often all we have to express the joy and pain of life.”

A few months back a running friend and fellow running dad (and another writer) I met through social media sent me the book he had written. Like I would have written, it was about running.

Meet Brian Burk. He is a US runner who has been lacing up since 2000 and since then has logged over 12,000 miles across the United States states, and overseas in Crete, Iraq, Sicily, Greenland, United Kingdom, and Qatar. Brian seems like a super nice guy and I was pumped to read his book. Ok….so it has taken a while to finish it, depression and some procrastination got in the way…but I finished it.

Brian’s book – Running to Leadville

So how to talk about the book without giving too much away? It is a about a runner who has experienced loss, believes he may not be able to love again and has a goal to run the famous Leadville 100-miler. It is a book about life and running. I really related to it.


Order Brian’s book on Amazon.


What I thought

After starting this book, I had a hard time continuing…not because it was not well written or a good story but it touched a sore spot. I am now a single running dad in his forties. I am not sure I can love again and I still feel rather lost and without direction…although I am trying to get better and fight depression. The story was hard to read at times. I am not sure I wanted to read about a happy ending.

But I read the book to its end. I like it. Brian is not a Pulitizer prize-winning author but he writes well and I liked the struggle and story he wrote about. An ultramarathon can be like life with lots of ups and downs and down with physical and mental struggle.


Brian’s blog:

You can follow Brian on Twitter @cledawgs
Brian’s pics on Instagram @cledawgs

Run on my running friends – see ya out there.


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