Full Contact 5k Death Race?

“Watching a race can be so much fun – especially the mid-pack races when the finish line comes into view.”

A full contact death race? Some medieval, spartan-inspired foot race? No just something that should be fun to watch at a local 5k race organized by a friend of mine in Nova Scotia. This is the story.

Disclaimer: Neither runner portrayed in the blog article may run as fast or inflict as much bodily harm as portrayed in writing or linked to videos. Young children are asked to read in the accompaniment of a sober adult.

Spilling the beans on the death match (Macdonald vs Mooy)

I caught wind of the craziness and this so-called death match on social media (Facebook). The two runners involved are Luke MacDonald, commonly known as the shoe guy at Halifax’s oldest running shoe shop, Aerobics First (where I used to work centuries ago) and that strange guy flying around town on his bike/elliptical contraption (Elliptigo). luke is also a former very fast, competitive runner and likes to race. The other combatant is John Mooy who lives near Kentville, Nova Scotia and is part of a running club called Mountainview runners. There is a rivalry between Luke and John. I have seen some very amusing photo-shopped photos of Luke….and can guess who created them (like the one below) (laughing as I post).

Luke running amazing well and not far behind Ryan Hall despite the walker.

The creative running son of the race director for the Windsor 5k even put together a great Youtube video about the duel where both runners talk about the race and talk trash.

Click here to watch the video.

I grew up and began running in Nova Scotia and the run community is a tight-knit group where even if you don’t know everyone personally you probably have heard their name or have seen them at the start of a race. Its a friendly (with exceptions!) and great community to be part of and have grown a lot since I ran there. The organization called Run Nova Scotia (the Windsor race a part of) puts a great series of races together throughout the small east coast province.


The betting man

I have known Luke for many years. I know he has run 32-minute 10k races and loves to race hard and fast. I have also seen Luke sport what we jokingly referred to as a “maternity singlet” not that long ago. He has been training hard, eating well and cross-training. He can be fierce when he steps up to the line….but is he fast enough…has he taken too much time off running.

John I have seen on the track in the videos and know he has a solid training group in the valley of Nova Scotia. John and Luke are close in time. Can John’s fitness and Photoshop skills make up for Luke’s savvy racing skills honed during his elite racing days?

Who are you betting on?

If you are near or in Nova Scotia scramble to get down to this race and watch what happens (and of course go run the race as well).

What         16th annual Windsor 5k

When         July 29th, 2017

Where       Windsor, Nova Scotia (Canada)


Race organizer     Paula James (read about her and her running family)

Contact       runnergirlpaula@gmail.com

I wish everyone running a great run and I wish I were there to see how the duel to the death ends. Knowing both runners I think there will be laughs and a few excuses at the end no matter what.

Life is about about living, having fun and for me – running! Run on friends!


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