Staying on your feet and training

“Staying injury free can be as important and your training plan.”

This is a short and simple product review for something I have used and loved for a number of years now and have become an ambassador for. When I was younger  – on icy winter days I had to hold my breath going across sheets of frozen road or asphalt and avoid any sudden movements – then start breathing again after I made across fall-free.

A few years back I came across, tested and loved a simple product that took the worry out of slippery footing runs and made winter training easier (especially here in Canada).



What are they? Icespike is a simple black sheet metal like screws (with deeper grooves) that can be screwed into running shoes or hiking boots to provide grip on slippery surfaces. There is a simple tool that can be purchased (screwdriver) that makes things easy. Plan out where you want the screws and screw in. The screws are just long enough to grip the outersole/midsole of a shoe but not be felt.

Leave them in and simply unscrew as they start to get worn and put in some new ones.

I have friends say they love them – others say they don’t need as have never fallen – I say ‘yet’! Rather feel confident and know I have something to stop me from falling other than hope.


Great product, simple and in expensive (bag of screws = $20, $30 with screwdriver).

If you can screw into a secondary pair of running shoes you can pull out for slippery days. can also be used on trails during the non-snowy season for extra grip. The screws do not destroy the shoe but do leave small holes.

When you place the screws on shoes, try and avoid putting right under the ball of the foot or big toe. Oh and remember not to wear on hardwood floors!!

For me, the cost and benefit just make it worth trying these spikes out! They are less cumbersome and annoying than the contraptions you have to slip over your shoes and feel more natural when running.

*If in Ottawa (Canada) you can find Icespike at Sports4 downtown.


Find Icespike via their website, Twitter @Ice_spike or on Facebook.

Keep lacing up running friends!


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