Sharing stories I have stumbled across

“Every runner has a story and a reason they reach down to tie up their running shoes.”

Over 200 pages of stories and profiles of runners from around the globe. That’s what my book is. Between the stories, there are thoughts and inspirational quotes. The stories are from well-known runners, Olympians, record holders but also just ordinary runners as well with reasons to run, a story to tell or something to share. I have interviewed them, asked them questions and learned more about them and myself with every word.


I have written for Canadian Running magazine, iRun magazine and also have this blog where I have profiled, chatted with and been honoured to share others stories of running. I decided it was time to compile and share with others. Some of the runners inside include my friend Melinda, Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton and the amazing Dean Karnazes… find out the others you will have to grab a copy!

Order the book on Amazon here! (or simply search for my name)

Writers never make money – my goal is to share this book and hope others enjoy. If you want to do a review, want to profile me or the book – get in touch!


Written by Canadian runner, writer and broadcaster and founder of iRun magazine, Mark Sutcliffe. Mark and I share some common passions and he knows how talking running is often just an excuse to hear someone’s real story.

Back cover recommendation

Kind words on the back of my book from Kenyan elite and writer Justin Lagat. Justin has published as few of his own books and consider him my Kenyan brother.

mtz8voyy download

Connect with me

My first book

I also have another book that is published on Amazon that is a short collection of my thoughts, poems and musings on life, being a runningdad and running – if you are interested here is the link!

There is another book project on the way – I am always looking for runners to connect with, people who are interested in the book!

Order the book on Amazon here! (or simply search for my name)


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