I am an 80s kid who began running at the age of 12 and caught the running bug during the age of big yellow walkmans, cotton race shirts and before the invention of GPS watches. I am now an older Canadian Masters runner with a young daughter and still the need to run.

I am from the east coast of Canada and starting running around the house inspired by the Wide World of Sports on television and pumped to test out the Timex watch my father had given me. Things spiraled out of control and I was soon running every race I could find advertised in the newspaper. I ran track, road races and occasionally ran the 19km home from my high school.

I have now been running for almost 30-years and run everything from the 100m to 100km ultramarathons and ran 258km in 2.5days for my 40th birthday.

I have a passion for running, sharing great stories, reviewing cool running gear and just generally promoting the sport. Love to hear from you and feel free to browse the fun stuff on this blog.

Canadian Running magazine blog: http://runningmagazine.ca/author/noel/

Twitter: @NoelPaine

Instagram: @runningwriter

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZXE-V0-xVQsdu_jBTbrSZw


“Life is short, have fun, laugh, run and go find adventures out there on foot. Run on”