Talking to a running dad on Father’s Day

‘Becoming a father changes your life forever.”

This is a blog profile of a runner who has adapted to runningdad life like I wish I had.

I chatted with and profiled Devin a few years back for Canadian Running magazine and thought he was an amazing trail runner and he had some amazing trail run photos! I became a dad about the same time as he did…be I think he has adjusted much better than I. This is Devin.

Devin Featherstone
A runner profiled back in 2015, life has changed for the Calgary fireman and trail runner. He is now a dad.

Devin grew up playing hockey and only started really running when he joined the Calgary fire department. He began running and got into trail running and lots of it. Devin went from 5ks to 100milers.

Devin: “I love the drive, mental focus and the sufferfest of running very technical trails. I have race races all over Alberta, British Columbia, Oregon, Hawaii and Hong Kong. It is a way for me to see the landscapes in a different way. Hawaii was HURT 100 miler and my wife was 35 weeks pregnant crewing me, she then had out beautiful boy Kai 2 weeks later when we arrived home. It has changed our lives for the better and couldnt imagine a day without him. He has pushed us to explore and show him a crazy life all in his first year. Kai was at the finish line in Hong Kong in October to give me a smile and a big kiss.”

Races Devin has run
Squamish 50 -50
HURT 100 Miler – Top 10 finish
Lost Souls 100km – Two time winner
Gorge Falls 100km
Lantau 70km
Iron Legs 50 miler
Carlgary Marathon – 4th overall, 9th overall
MEC Half marathon with a stroller 1:22 hr\min 2nd place overall
Sinister 7

What was the hardest part for you – transitioning to running dad life?

“The biggest thing was the upper body that you think you have but when you push a stroller around you really realize that all those tiny muscles that you usually don’t use are being used nonstop. Even your hands holding onto the bar to steer takes its toll and you need to switch. I was a learning curve for sure but one that you need to take baby steps. I think my first run with the stroller was when my son was napping, it ended up being about 24km because I had to keep moving for him to sleep. That was by far the hardest part was once I started I had to go until he woke up but as we did it more often it became easier to know when you could stop or routes you could pick to make it fun for you and him.”

What have you enjoyed the most about being a dad?

“The thing I love about being a dad is all the time off from my job as a fire fighter. It allows me to spend so much time with Kai and really see every little thing he goes through. The funny phases like loving sunglasses or birds. It truly melts my heart to think of a day without him. Kai didn’t slow me down he has kept me going. Keeping me running and exploring in the mountains. It is an opportunity where I get to do it with him and show him the kind of life his father loves. To me that is the best part of being a dad and capturing those moments through photos.”

How has your running and life changed after becoming a running dad?

“Life has changed, as it would with anyone. You now have a human that depends on you. It can be scary to most. I use to be able to get up and go to the mountains to run all the time or run whenever I want. It has changed to the point where you have to plan a lot better. You have to be able to do what is best for them. I have planned runs where I have had to cancel them and run on the treadmill later. Trail running is my true love but having Kai has made me appreciate having a treadmill. I will run on a treadmill so he can have a better nap or stay warmer inside. I still get to the mountains once a week but to me its okay and wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

What advice would you give another dad to be (who runs) about what to expect when the little one arrives?

“I would give the advice to not listen to the people who will tell you YOU WONT BE ABLE TO DO THAT! I had that a lot and it was my goal to prove them wrong and I think I have done a damn good job of it. If you are passionate about running you will do it. Run with a stroller ease into it, dress the kids accordingly and pack food and things to make life easier. Know you might have to cut your run short if a meltdown happens. If you want to keep running you might need to run a 5am before work or the kid is up, you might need to sacrifice and run on a treadmill which is called the dreadmill to me. My biggest advice is don’t make excuses to not do it, because you can do anything. I prove it daily from running, hiking, biking, ski touring, cross country skiing, snow shoeing with Kai and you can too.”

Devin you inspire this running dad. Run on my friend.

You can catch Devin on Instagram @dfeatherstone or on his blog, Tiny Big Adventure.

Reviewing a runningdad running book

“Written words are often all we have to express the joy and pain of life.”

A few months back a running friend and fellow running dad (and another writer) I met through social media sent me the book he had written. Like I would have written, it was about running.

Meet Brian Burk. He is a US runner who has been lacing up since 2000 and since then has logged over 12,000 miles across the United States states, and overseas in Crete, Iraq, Sicily, Greenland, United Kingdom, and Qatar. Brian seems like a super nice guy and I was pumped to read his book. Ok….so it has taken a while to finish it, depression and some procrastination got in the way…but I finished it.

Brian’s book – Running to Leadville

So how to talk about the book without giving too much away? It is a about a runner who has experienced loss, believes he may not be able to love again and has a goal to run the famous Leadville 100-miler. It is a book about life and running. I really related to it.


Order Brian’s book on Amazon.


What I thought

After starting this book, I had a hard time continuing…not because it was not well written or a good story but it touched a sore spot. I am now a single running dad in his forties. I am not sure I can love again and I still feel rather lost and without direction…although I am trying to get better and fight depression. The story was hard to read at times. I am not sure I wanted to read about a happy ending.

But I read the book to its end. I like it. Brian is not a Pulitizer prize-winning author but he writes well and I liked the struggle and story he wrote about. An ultramarathon can be like life with lots of ups and downs and down with physical and mental struggle.


Brian’s blog:

You can follow Brian on Twitter @cledawgs
Brian’s pics on Instagram @cledawgs

Run on my running friends – see ya out there.

Real fuel for the trails

“Each one of us is different – different feet, stomachs and taste preferences and now it seems there is a fueling option for everyone!”

Okay a review about some unique running fuel.

Here is how I stumbled across it.

The story

A while back I was home nursing a cold and was sitting in bed just contemplating getting up to get something to eat. I flipped over my cell phone and flipped through messages and then social media updates. I noticed some tweets about a young native runner running to raise awareness about Canadian murdered and missing aboriginal women. I looked up some more information and realized he (Theland Kicknosway) had started his run that morning and would pass not far from where I lived.

17884336_10158583609840370_4099611638039851251_n 17903928_10158583610875370_6504944339470273817_n

Photos above of me and Thealand and his mom (Momanger).

I scratched at my stubbly face, yawned, grabbed a banana and some running gear and headed out to my car. I figured I could sleep and rest after finding and running with this young man for a few minutes to show my support.

EnduroforceFlint-ENI ran with Thealand and a huge supporter and fellow ultra runner called Flint (François Flint Bourdeau Clemens) – we chatted and he later sent me some new endurance athlete fuel…..hence this blog!

I wish I had enough time to talk about Thealand and the run but I will save that for another upcoming blog – maybe I will reach out to Thealand to do a profile of him.

Okay the fuel (Maskorima)….

Mas Korima

The primary nutrition focus of Mas Korima products is based on Pinole (Heritage quality maize that has been roasted and ground), and a true “super-food”, Chia. Both have been fueling some of the world’s greatest endurance athletes for generations. We use only natural ingredients; no chemical weird stuff, and no funky processing. Heck, some of our Pinole processing begins with a fire, a matate (a stone used to grind the corn), and the hands-on labor of grinding and cooking from someone who cares.  (From website)

All the ingredients sound perfectly suited for endurance athletes and you can read more about on their website (link).



This is a drink mix made from the same ingredients basically as the small packets of on the go running fuel you see above. The drink mix adds another ingredient called omnimin which is a dried sea mineral concentrate from Utah’s great Salt Lake that provides magnesium sodium and potassium. When you open the container it looks like finely ground dirt (its brown). I found the plastic scoop and follows instructions and added to water – and added a bit of honey. Sip sip.

I drank the mixture right away and also let it sit a bit to try out.


Check out how the drink mix compares to others out there (link).


These are small plastic packages of about 4 (loonie-sized) centimeter thick brown biscuits. The package was easy to open with my teeth and I quickly took a bite out of one. The biscuit is not too hard or soft and is what one might imagine a cormeal cookie might be like. It tastes good without having too much taste.1 package provides 100 calories. They are quite dry and on a few runs I really needed to wash down with water.


What did I think?

The biscuits (Korimalitas) I found tasty and felt more like real food that gels and chews. They are easy to eat on the run or when stopping a second but can feel really dry when its hot and your mouth is dry. make sure to have water or fluids handy. Good taste, no aftertaste and my stomach had no issues with. Thumbs up.

Th drink mix I think I need to experiment with some more and see if I can get used to. When I am hot and tired on a run – I appreciate something that fuels me and has electrolytes etc. – but that also tastes good.

I like both of these products as they aim to try be as natural as possible and are real food! I do not think everyone will like these but they should be tried!

Thanks to Flint for introducing me to this stuff and will continue to try out on my trail runs!

Find them on Twiter @Maskorima

Find them on their website:


Run long, run hard my friends!

Kenyan Runningdad

                                    “We all have fathers and runners are no different.”

It is a mild but overcast spring evening and my legs have 25-kilometres of running on them. I am typing away with a cup of Kenyan tea in a mug beside me and my Kenyan friend Justin Lagat is glued to a replay of last year’s Ottawa marathon. Its a good day.

Justin is in town (Ottawa) and crashing on my couch so he can run the Ottawa Sporting Life 10k as a warm-up for the Ottawa marathon at the end of May. I hung out with my fellow running dad and friend for the weekend. Here is a bit about Justin and a few things he had to say about running, training and being a running dad.

Justin Lagat

(Bio from Justin’s profile for the Ottawa marathon, where he is an ambassador) Justin grew up in the rural area of the Rift Valley region in Kenya. His primary school was about four kilometers away from home and as a kid he, with his siblings, would run to and from the school four times in a day making it a total of 16km daily. He believes this, in addition to his genes, made him grow into a runner.

C_thshuXUAA1Wqj C_vYWejXcAAkcnU

However, in a land where everyone is born into the same life situations, it was hard for him to make a great impression as an exceptional runner in the region. He would only win in some low profile competitions, but that was enough to jump-start his career in running.

Running and writing, which is his other passion, have blended well and besides running he is also a columnist with RunBlogRun, author of Determined Runners (e-book)and a freelance sports journalist covering the sport of running. His work has been featured in a number of international media including the and Thrive Sports.

So far, he has completed three marathons, one being the 2016 Ottawa Marathon, during which he had to push on to the finish despite the heat. His aim from now on is to complete at least two marathons every year.

Justin’s personal bests

  • 10K   29:48
  • Half-marathon   1:06

I took a few moments to ask Justin a few questions:

How do you balance being an elite runner and being a dad, is it hard being away from your family?

“When you are leaving a young daughter (3-years old) it is hard to hear her ask when daddy will be home. When she was younger it was hard because she needed so much attention and I needed to be a dad – now she is going to school and I can train and rest after without any interruptions!”

If all goes well with your training and your taper – what would you like to run at the 2017 Ottawa marathon?

“My goal is to run under 2:10, to run as fast as I can. It would take things to the next level for me and I would hopefully get more recognition, sponsorship and the ability to run at more international-caliber races.”

North Americans always want to know the secret to the Kenyan running success, is it the barrels of tea, the training at altitude or just plain hard work in your opinion?

“I think it is the hard work and the motivation to do what it takes to succeed in running, in a country already filled now with fast runners – that have driven our success.”

How do your rate my cheese and cucumber sandwiches?

“I give it a 6 out of 10….I prefer hot foods more.” (I think he was being nice)

Sunday update: Justin ran the Ottawa Sportinglife 10k (which raises money for the local CHEO Hosptial). Justin loved the fact the race was flat, fast and raised money for a great cause. He also won the race in a time of 31:02!

*A big shout out to the friendly and great folks at InStride management (who manged the Ottawa race) who put on a great race and were super welcoming to Justin!

**A big thanks to Justin for being a cool guy and introducing me to Kenyan tea! (now addicted)

You can find Justin on his blog and on Twitter at @kenyanathlete


Run on my running friends!

Gluten-free protein fuel – A review

“Training is just an act of beating up your body and muscle if you do not fuel it and put the right things back into it after.” – Noel Paine

A Runningdad review of the new Powerbar gluten-free protein bars. Yep – two boxes of protein bars showed up for this skinny single running dad to test out. I am fortunate not to have any problems with gluten and will eat almost anything but was interested to taste these gluten-free bars.


I have had a few gluten-free products over the past few years that have been less than tasty but have had a few where I was surprised. I was intrigued to test these high protein, low-sugar, gluten free bars.

What they are

I got two boxes of bars, 2 flavours, lemon poppy see and creamy chocolate peanut butter. Sounded like yummy flavours. So what kind of bars are they? The bars Powerbar Canada sent me were ProteinPlus bars that are perfect for post-workout/run refueling of the body after beating it up.


I have put pictures here in the blog about the nutritional facts and ingredients for the bars. They will help you decide about whether these bars have the type of stuff and amounts of protein etc. you want to put into your body (we all have different concerns, requirements and beliefs).


One thing I did pick up on reading over the ingredients etc. was the inclusion of palm oil and sucralose which raise certain concerns for certain people.

What I thought

The bars are well-packaged and super easy to open. So how do they taste you scream? I liked the taste of both bars and ate a good quantity of both to make sure. I ate the bars as a snack, after a workout and after runs to test. I threw the bars in with my lunch, into a backpack and into a trail running bag during a trail run. The lemon poppy seed has nice taste without being overpowering and chocolate peanut butter is neither too chocolaty or too strong a PB taste. I liked. Best tasting bar ever? Nope…but I liked a lot and was super easy to eat an no stomach issues after eating. Both bars also did not taste like some other protein bars I have had – they were better.

  • Easy to open
  • Tasty
  • Nice consistency and easy to chew
  • Do not feel overly full after

Both bars are softer than some other protein bars and may want to be careful packing away but had no real issues.

Notice Powerbar as part of trail run fuel!

If you are gluten intolerant or avoid and have no issues with other ingredients in these bars – effeminately worth checking out!

My only feedback to PowerBar would be that I would love to see more natural ingredients in the bar and avoid palm and sucralose somehow. Thansk to company folks for trusting me to do an honest review!

PS did you know PowerBar was started by a Canadian marathoner! Read about Brain Maxwell.

Powerbar website

Find PowerBar on Twitter @PowerBarCanada


Run on my friends -stay positive and have fun!

Struggling but stumbling forward

“Like a run you are not sure you wanted to start, you need to keep going and finish it.”

Hey all, its the running dad here. The almost 42-year old skinny running guy from Canada who is now 6-months into life as a single dad. The shift now is not only to being a dad but being a single dad – sharing parent duties part-time and figuring out what to do with myself. With no family around and a small number of friends (live ones I do things with)…its tough.

But – the support from social media running friends and those around me keeps pulling me out of the dark hole of depression.  Writing and sharing my struggle online I hope helps other dads (and moms). You are not alone. Its ok to struggle. I do. I still question why I am here, what to do with myself and battle loneliness. I love my daughter and she makes me smile…but sometimes that feels like it is not enough. I am not a natural dad but I am one.

Advice to new or to be running dads

Get ready to shut down the running for a bit and to focus on your family. Think you know what is coming – think again. A little one is cute and you will love your daughter or son but the changes they bring will change your life forever and may have you struggling. Some of us adapt – others like myself still have trouble adapting.

  • Buy a running stroller
  • Find a baby sitter
  • Run when you can and enjoy every drop
  • Run and don’t worry about races
  • Think about fitting in runs at lunch
  • Think about run commuting
  • Talk to your partner about running and what it means to you
    • make sure they will not envy or be angry with you for being away from family
    • fit the runs in at times that will be less disruptive
  • Deep breathe
  • Find other parents to talk to

Keep running and moving forward my friends. I am out there with you.


Something to help your nose when its running!

“We have all (runners) had to use a sleeve, glove or something else on a run to deal with a runny nose – here is something to avoid snotty sleeves and scratches.”

Okay – so its not a solution for the runny nose – but I recently found a cool Canadian product (made in New Brunswick). The idea was thought up by a Twitter running friend. I liked the idea of what he had come up with and had to share!


Yanky Hanky

What it is, is a soft synthetic, re-usable  cloth on a retractable cord to wipe your nose with on the go. The uber soft material comes in various colours and designs and is about the size of a kleenex. The cloth is attached by a think cord to a key-chain sized clip that can fasten to a waist band of shorts, tights or even attach to a running bag.

You tuck the cloth in somewhere and when your nose runs, you grab, wipe and replace.

The idea came to Ryan Jacobson when he was out training for the 2011 Chicago Marathon. He wanted a way to deal with sweat and a persistent runny nose. He researched and went through many prototypes before coming up with what he has now.

“More refined than your sleeve. More absorbent than your hand.” – Ryan Jacobson

Here is me talking about the product on Twitter.

Click here for the video

What did I think?

I grabbed the Yanky hanky and headed out for a few winter runs. I had the thing clipped on the seam of my running tights and the cloth tucked in. When my nose started to run I grabbed at the cloth and wiped my nose. Simple. The cloth moved easily on the cord (like a cord for an identity pass) and was easy to replace. I did not drop the cloth but would not have lost it if I did. Easier than wiping nose on glove or sleeve — nope, Softer, yep.


I have been running for nearly 30-years and have rubbed my nose raw, scraped it and have blown numerous snot rockets on the run. This new product is simple, soft and works well. My nose liked it. This something that if you have a spot to clip on or stuff in a running bag will come in handy. Synthetic shirts are not necessary for running – but sure are better than a cotton one – same with Yanky hanky…just improves the run experience…and I like that!


Find Yank Sports on Face Book or on Twitter @YankySports

Call and get them to ship you out one! ((506) 478-8072)

Run on friends!

Losing 170lbs and gaining a passion

“Sometimes people say I inspire them because of a quote, a picture I post or after reading about one of my runs – but it is the runners I meet and profile who inspire me.”

Melinda Howard is someone I noticed and connected with on Twitter – I found out her story and asked her if she wanted to share. I hope you find her as inspiring and interesting as I did.

Meet Melinda

Melinda was born in 1962 as the oldest of 2 children in Des Moines, Iowa. She went to high school, then college and got married and had 2 children – and did not run.

She says the running thing started in 2011. She wanted to lose a bit of weight and when her sister asked her to join a “couch to 5k” running program, she simply saw it as a way to lose weight faster —she never knew it would change her life.

She completed the 5k and was soon invited by friends to run a 12k race (a distance she would never have imagined possible not that long before). She finished the 12k and made running friends she says she still has to this day.

The running continued and soon Melinda was finding that 5ks and 10ks were fun but she wanted to see how far she could go. In 2012, a year after starting running she ran a half-marathon. Her first marathon came not long after and she ran the Mt. Desert Island marathon with friends and found herself head over heels in love with running.


From runner to ultramarathoner

Believe it or not, before she had even finished her first marathon she had already registered for a 50-mile race. She was hooked and had a desire to see how far she could go. Back from the marathon she was soon out training for her first ultra.

Perhaps with too much running too soon and as a new runner she had pushed too hard and soon found herself injured. She ended up limping around on crutches for the winter of 2013. But she was as determined as ever.

She got back to running, got a coach and since her injury in 2013 has 12 marathons and 4 Ultra Marathons plus lots of HM’s and shorter distance races. She says she loves to run.


Melinda’s Running

Holds the 10 Mile Mississippi State Record for 53 year old women
2nd AG 50-55 Tanglefoot Half Marathon 2014
2nd AG 50-55 Pilgrimage Half Marathon 2015
1st AG 50-55 Tanglefoot Half Marathon 2015
2nd AG 50-59 Green Street Mile 2015

50M PR: Brazos Bend 50M (12:46:56) 7th
50K PR: MS50 Trail Run (7:04:15) 9th overall Female
Marathon PR: Mississippi River Marathon. (5:05:15)
Half Marathon PR: Viking Half Marathon. (2:15:00)

What was the hardest hurdle going from non runner and overweight to runner and how did you overcome it?
“Well, when I first started running, MFH (My Favorite Husband) ran with me every single training run and every single race. On Saturday mornings, we would go to our local running club. Our club has some elite level runners (for real elites!) and I was incredibly intimidated by them. Truth be told, I’m still intimidated by them!!! They seem to glide over the road. It’s a beautiful thing to see. That being said, I’m very well aware of my limitations and some of them I feel like I’m being judged. I’ve seen this group welcome many, MANY runners of different shapes and sizes so I know it’s just me.”
“You asked how I overcame it? Instead of comparing myself to them (some of them I was old enough to be their mom), I discovered my own strengths and focused on those. I found out that I stink at 5K’s but do pretty well at Ultra’s. I began to build a solid mileage base so I could do the long stuff.”
“At the beginning, as an overweight runner, I worked hard to eat smart, run smart and continue to trim up and drop weight. After 3.5 years of this, I wasn’t an overweight runner anymore! I still, sometimes, have a hard time not seeing myself as an overweight runner. Isn’t that crazy? We’re so hard on ourselves.”
How does running make you feel and have you learned anything about yourself from it?
“Running makes me feel free. It helps me be confident. I never knew I could be confident. I had often been made to feel inferior so this was something alien to me. Over time I’ve learned that there’s a lot more grit and determination in me to succeed than I never knew I had.”
How do ultras differ from “normal” races and why do you run beyond 26.2 miles?

How do ultras differ. This made me giggle. Ultras are a totally different creature. They’re much more laid back. They’re still competitive but you don’t live and die by your time on the clock. You want to finish. You’d like to finish well but you really want to finish.

Most ultra runners I’ve met don’t ask you your finishing time. They will ask, “Did you finish?” That’s what counts! Did you have what it took to grind out the miles? There’s respect if you can do that! If somebody asks you your finishing time, I’d be willing to bet that they’re new to Ultras and are there to see what Ultra running is all about. I’d also bet you they’re a marathoner. LOL!!!

Why do I run beyond 26.2~Because nine times out of ten, I’m one of the oldest women on the course. There’s not many women my age out there running 50M or trying 100M. It makes me feel badass. Is it wrong to admit that? LOL!!! I have a great deal of respect and admiration for women my age and older who are out there on the trails pounding out the miles. It’s not easy but it’s totally awesome!!!

Any advice to someone considering lacing up?

“Advice? Lace up those shoes and get moving!!! If I can drop 170lbs by eating smart and moving more, anybody can do it! I was on oxygen 24/7 and couldn’t tie my own shoes. I had to have one of my children or my husband do that kind of stuff for me. Walking across a room was a major ordeal. You just have to set your mind to it. Grind your teeth and get started…and stick with it! As much as I dislike this phrase, it’s true: Patience is a virtue.

Someday you’ll realize that you can see your feet again! Someday it’ll dawn on you that you just bet over and tied your own shoes! Do you know what you’ll do next? You’ll do the Happy Dance because you’re making progress! Celebrate the little victories because they eventually add up to big victories!!!”

“I wish those starting the best of luck.”
o here we are, February of 2017. I just DNF’d my first race ever, a 100 Miler. I’m a sad panda about that BUT I know it was smart. With the races I have pending the rest of the year, it was a good call. The rest of 2017 will see me running the London Marathon, the Chicago Marathon and trying again for a 100 Miler in December.
Want to hear Melinda? Check her podcast chat with fellow running dad and podcaster Denny Krahe
Find Melinda on Twitter: @MelindaHoward4
Run on friends!

An Oily affair

“Sore legs sometimes are the reward for a hard run, workout or race but it sure can be nice to make them feel better.”

I have been running for almost 30-years (yep starting to sound old) and always looking for ways to run faster, stay injury free and make the legs feel better.

I stumbled across a product recently (oils) from the UK that is meant to make your legs feel better. Try it – why not! So here is my review and thoughts on DOMS Ease Oil.


So what is this Ease Oil?

The UK company has two 50ml bottles of oil for sale (one for muscle ease and the other sport) and describes the product as, a penetrating and warming blend made from 100% essential oils to provide comfort from any sports activities. The special blend in the muscle ease version is supposed to help fatigue muscles and stiff joints to leave you feeling relaxed and calm, while the other is made more for tired muscles and stiff joints to leave you feeling recharged and energised.

Ingredients (Sport):

Vitis vinifera seed oil (Grape Seed Oil)
Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil (Eucalyptus Oil)
Lavandula angustifolia Oil (Lavender)
Mentha arvensis leaf oil (Peppermint Oil)

Ingredients (Muscle ease):

Vitis vinifera seed oil (Grape Seed Oil)
Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil (Rosemary Oil)
Zingiber officinale root oil (Ginger Oil)
Mentha arvensis leaf oil (Peppermint Oil)
Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil (Eucalyptus Oil)
Piper nigrum fruit oil (Black Pepper Oil)

For information on the product, use and information hit their website:

So the two little bottles showed up from across the pond with a small pamphlet. I ripped the package open and was pumped to try out on my legs.


What I thought

The bottles have a twist off top and a drip applicator top (the bottle won’t spill if knocked over) and you have to shake or tap out drops of the oil. This works well so you don’t waste or use too much oil.

I have been trying to get back into training after a tough winter and my legs were tired. I tapped out some oil onto my hand. The oil (both versions) I think smell nice with the sport maybe a bit stronger. The scent reminds me of a massage I once had where the therapist had used something similar I think (not just a neutral oil).

I rubbed some into my legs (was not greasy) and it felt nice. The oil seemed to moisturize my dry running dad legs and felt good. My legs did seem to feel better the next morning and have used many more times and like.

I like the smell, the feel on my legs, I like the fact it is not greasy, the bottles are a perfect size and its easy to apply the oil. I would recommend these oils to try if you massage your own legs or might rub after a run, workout or race. I am also looking forward to trying some in a warm bath (recommended).

Both products retail for 9.99(pounds) (about $20+ Canadian/US).

DOMSEaseOil website:

DOMSEaseOil on Twitter: @DOMSEaseOil@DOMSEaseOil


Run on friends and let me know if you have a product to review or a running story to share!


The Boston Marathon Movie

I love running and writing but sometimes its fun to let others lift up the pen and talk running. Here is a guest blog post by passionate runner Christine Blanchette.

Jon Dunham is an award-winning filmmaker and a 25-time marathon finisher. Dunham is known for his Spirit of the Marathon film that premiered at the 2007 Chicago International Film Festival. The film won the coveted Audience Award. And in 2013, the Spirit of the Marathon II was released.

Click here to see the trailer

In our Q&A interview Dunham talks about his latest film, BOSTON. The film is the first-ever feature length documentary about the Boston Marathon, which is regarded by many as the world’s most prestigious road race.

14) JonDunhamMattDamon Photo Credit Photo Harrison Marks
John Dunham with Matt Damon.

The film celebrates the rich history of the Boston Marathon from its origins in 1897 to present day, including the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.


Q: What inspired you to produce the film BOSTON?

A: Ultimately what inspired me to make BOSTON was my own personal experiences with the marathon.  As a runner, I’ve always had a huge appreciation for the Boston Marathon and its history and for many years I’ve wanted to make this film.

Q: Is it the first feature length film about the iconic Boston Marathon?

A. BOSTON is indeed the first feature length film ever to be made about the Boston Marathon.  It has been a great honor to tell this story.

Q: How is film different from other films you have produced?

A: One of the biggest differences between BOSTON and both of the Spirit of the Marathon films, which preceded it, is that in BOSTON the race itself is really the story.  There are of course many people we meet along the way but the Boston Marathon and its long rich history takes center stage.

Q: When will it premiere?

A: The world premiere will be in Boston on April 15, 2017 – two days before the 121st running of the Boston Marathon.

Q: What demographic is your main target as movie-goers for Boston?

A: While BOSTON is obviously a film for runners, it’s also a film for general audiences.  It’s a story about overcoming and doing our best no matter what the challenges are that we’re faced with.

Q: What do you expect people to get from the film?

A: I hope that people really enjoy learning about the history of the Boston Marathon and are inspired to get out and run or do something physical and challenge themselves.

Q: Who is in the film?

A. BOSTON stars the who’s who of marathon running legends from icons like Bill Rodgers and Joan Benoit Samuelson to international superstars such as Rosa Mota and Rob de Castella.  Of course there are also those, who have helped shape the course of the Boston Marathon’s history like Kathrine Switzer and race director Dave McGillivray.
There are a lot of exciting aspects to BOSTON.  Most recently we have just finished recording the incredible original film score by composer Jeff Beal (House of Cards).  The recording was done in Symphony Hall in Boston with the world famous Boston Symphony Orchestra.  We’ve also just announced Academy Award-winner Matt Damon as the film’s narrator.  

Noel: I ran the Boston marathon in 2011 and it was an amazing experience. The race, the town and the energy on the day was amazing. Thanks Christine for the blog and Q&A and thanks John for making this film.

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